Wooden Flooring

Real wood flooring is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. It is flooring that is made of pure and natural solid wood.

These pieces of timber typically have a tongue and groove edge, that assist with the installation and give a premium feel finish.
Timber flooring looking gorgeous in any home or workplace. It adds a natural warmth, depth and character to any setting, feels nice under foot and also brightens up many rooms (depending on the color).

Types of Real Wood Flooring

There are several types of real wood flooring that our team at Park Flooring Ltd both supply and install. There are vast differences between the types, varying in quality, cost, installation time, style and finish of the flooring.
Solid Wood Flooring
This offers excellent versatility as well as giving a premium look and feel to any house or commercial premises. It is made from solid timber planks, comes in various styles, depending on how it has been treated and finished.
We recommend when choosing solid wood flooring to go with the color that you want by looking at the different types of wood. Although different colours and finished are available on the same type of wood.
The reason being that scratches or dents that will occur over long periods of time will not show up as much, and effect the surface of the floor.
One of the other advantages of this type of wood is that it can be suitable for installation on the structural floor, without the need for a sub floor, similar to wooden floorboards in your house. We recommend that you have very good insulation beneath if you are going to use as the structural floor.
We provide & install the following types of Solid wood flooring
Engineered Wood Flooring
The key advantage that engineered wood has over solid wood is that it is stronger, more stable and is easier to install that Standard solid wood flooring.
Engineered wood flooring is made by pieces of wooden boards being glued together and set at high temperatures, giving it excellent strength and resistant to high pressure. This is then topped with a thick layer of natural timber, giving it the same look as real wood flooring, but more of a cleaner and precise finish.
This type of manufactured flooring is superb at resisting warping, buckling, chipping or cracking, especially when compared to normal real wood flooring.
Normal solid wood flooring is not suitable for underfloor heating, but engineered wood flooring is as it has high resistance to heat. All of the engineered wood flooring that we supply and install has a wear layer.
The wear layer means that the top piece of timber is thick enough, so that after it is starting to wear (think marks, scratches, stains or dent) then it can be sanded back and will look like new.

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