Safety Flooring

Safety Flooring

At Park Flooring Ltd we supply and install many different types of safety flooring to both the private and public sectors. This includes the following applications –
-    Kitchens
-    Classrooms / Corridors
-    Wetrooms
-    Toilets
-    Healthcare
-    Educational
-    General purpose
Safety Flooring
Safety Flooring is suitable for homes

Safety Flooring is suitable for homes

The majority of safety flooring is installed in commercial premises, as they need to adhere to strict health and safety regulations. This does not mean that our wide range of safety flooring is not suitable for use in your home.
We have completed hundreds of home installations for safety flooring, that not only provide the practicality that our customers are looking for but also fit in with the style and color scheme of their homes.
One of the other key benefits of safety flooring is that for large areas, the costs is very competitive and much better value when comparing it to tiled flooring, which is commonly used in many bathrooms, toilets or wet room.

The Benefits of Safety Flooring

Slip Resistant
One of the most important benefits and what makes it safety flooring is that is highly slip resistant.

All of the safety flooring we supply has a long lasting and durable anti-slip surface that provides protection without causing too much friction when walking on barefoot or with shoes.
This property is ideal for commercial premises as you want to minimize the amount of risk and accidents that occur. This is also ideal for use within the home, providing children and the elderly with a more stable, safer surface.
Easily Cleaned
Safety flooring is usually stain resistant, due to the nature of the materials and the manufacturing process, it doesn’t absorb and spillages.
It can also be cleaned using bleach and all of the common household and commercial cleaners.

We do always recommend following the manufacturers guidelines when it comes to cleaning.
Made to last (Durable)
At Park Flooring both ourselves and the manufacturers understand that any type of flooring that our clients purchase needs to last a considerable amount of time.
The reason being is that paying for flooring to be supplied and installed is always going to be an expense that people would rather do without, but it is an important one. This means that they want to be sure that once it is installed, that it lasts a very long time.
As with all of the flooring we provide, we only provide quality flooring, whether it is suitable at the high or low end of our client's budget. Safety flooring is the most durable type of flooring that we provide, it is resistant to stains, easily maintained, does not wear and lasts decades instead of just years. This is why you commonly see safety flooring and think to yourself, that looks a bit dated, and it probably is because it’s been there for about 15 years.
Suits any Style or Color Scheme
With the latest advancements in the material and manufacturing process we can supply and install a wide range of safety flooring, that is suitable for each environment that our clients have.
Although very practical, it is not widely known that safety flooring comes in a large range of colors, textures and styles that can suit every environment. For example, many Cinema installations have glitter elements, giving a sparkly effect to the floor.

Another good example is in showrooms, where different color safety flooring can be installed to help guide your customers to the correct areas and point them in the right direction, for example, Ikea have used this method very well.

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