Tile & Stone Flooring

Tiled flooring is the most durable of all flooring types that we supply and install. When installed by our team of experienced and professional fitters, it should last the life time of your home or premises.
This is due to the natural toughness and durability of the tiling materials, be is a hardwearing slate floor or more luxurious marble flooring, all of these are built to last you decades.
Stone flooring is pretty much exactly what you would think it is, stone tiles that are made out of various types of stone, these include but are not limited to –
-    Slate
-    Limestone
-    Flagstone
-    Granite
-    Marble
Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring

There are also other types of stone flooring available. Tiles are a type of stone flooring that mainly consist of clay that is fired a very high temperatures. While still strong and durable, tiles do not provide the strength or finish that natural stone flooring provides.
Tiles do however come in a large range of styles, colors, and textures. This often varies depending on where the tile is intended to be used. For example tiles with two glazes, one for the tile color or pattern, and the other for protection, are mainly used in bathrooms or wet rooms. The reason being that they do not absorb any water and are very hard wearing.
Tiles also come in many different sizes, so are suitable for small places such as porches or hallways, to large open spaces such as kitchens or lounges.
Easy to Maintain

Easy to Maintain

Tiled and stone flooring is often used in very high traffic areas as it is almost immune to many of the problems that cause normal flooring to wear and become aged.

They are resistant to stains, marking, scratches, sunlight fading, and cleaning chemicals.

Although depending on which type of natural flooring you have, you will need to follow guidelines on what chemicals you can clean them with (for example marble or granite are best cleaned with specialist cleaning products).
Easy to Maintain
Safe Flooring

Safe Flooring

There are several different types of tiled flooring that are ideally suited for both work environments and around the home.

These feature specially textured tiles provide a non-slip surface that are effective when dry or wet.
This type of tile is becoming popular for both inside and outside, being used in a bathroom and outside in paths that have a tendency to become slippery and dangerous when build-ups of algae are formed.

Types of Tiled Flooring

Ceramic Tiles
This is the most common and popular type of tile flooring that we stock. The main advantage that this has over other tiles is that there is no need to seal the flooring once the tiles have been fixed into place.

This means that the cost to install these tiles is reduced.
They are easy to maintain, durable and offer excellent value for money. Like many tiles they come in a wide array of colors, sizes and textures, that can match the existing style of any home or workplace.
Glass Tiles
Glass tiles are ideal for reflecting light, they come in a wide range of colors with various effects and are suitable for bathroom, kitchen or conservatories.

They are fairly expensive and are one of the most costly tiles to have installed due to specialist tools being required to cut the tiles.
Travertine Tiles
These tiles are made out of natural stone and are often chosen as they give a unique finish as the way that the stone is naturally formed, it gives the surface a unique pattern and texture, meaning that no two tiles are the same.
Travertine stone tiles are available with two finished, open, which gives a more porous texture or polished which provides a sleek and premium finish. These are suitable for indoors and outdoors, but both finished do need to be sealed once laid.
Marble Tiles
Another natural and highly aesthetically pleasing tile. These are often used to give rooms a great sense of character, style and a touch of luxury.

The finish is highly polished and provides a very durable surface. Similar to all natural stone flooring, no tow tiles are the same in the texture, colors and patterns, there are often just the slighted of variations that can create that desirable look that many of our clients are looking for.
Granite Tiles
Granite flooring is the hardest wearing out of all the natural flooring tiles. Its color will not fade, and once installed correctly they will provide a fully waterproof seal.

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