When purchasing carpet or laminate flooring, we always recommend that you use the best quality underlay that you can afford, as having a decent underlay can vastly improve not only the feel of the flooring but also prolongs the lifespan.
Underlay provides a whole host of benefits that will be covered on this page, many of which include insulation, soundproofing and even giving a more aesthetically pleasing appeal to any room.

The latter is done by providing a better look when the carpets are stretched onto the gripper rods.
Types of Underlay we Supply & Install

Types of Underlay we Supply & Install

There are many different types of underlay available, and they vary considerably in both terms of comfort, insulation and price.
Finding the right type of underlay for your flooring in your home or premises is essential to getting the look and feel that you are aiming for.
Crumb Rubber Underlay
This type of underlay is one of the most common and also economical options available.

The reason being that it uses up to 80% recycled vehicle tyres, which are granulated and bonded together.
This forms a firm underlay that is excellent at springing back and keeping its form.

Due to the materials and the manufacturing process, this type of underlay is incredibly durable, and ideal for use in any mid – high traffic areas such as hallways or living rooms.
Sponge Underlay
The main different compared to crumb underlay is that this is made from high-quality synthetic rubber that has been specially manufactured to have the same qualities as natural rubber, but none of the shortfalls. For example, it is odourless and provides more stability underfoot.
The only downside to sponge underlay being that it does have a tendency to leave indentations after heavy items such as sofas and cabinets have been resting on it for long periods of time. This can be easily remedied by using caster and feet furniture pads.
Felt Underlay
Felt underlay is one of the most hardwearing underlays available.

It is made from a high percentage wool fibre, and due to its high wool content, it provides excellent thermal insulation and also offer minor sound proofing.
This is not as commonly used today, but is ideal especially for commercial installation, as it offers excellent value for money.
PU Foam Underlay
This is manufactured by combining recycled furniture foam. Due to the nature of foam it provides a soft feel under the foot and gives high thermal insulation properties.

It is one of the least durable types of underlay and is ideally suited for bedrooms or studies where there is mid – low amounts of traffic.

Why should you have Underlay?

Underlay Greatly Reduces Noise
When comparing to a carpeted room without any underlay or foam backing installed it can be up to 200% quieter with underlay than without.

The various types of underlay act as a sound barrier, and it also offers a vast improvement in the sound absorption of laminate flooring, offering a 30% increase.
It makes your Carpet Last Longer
Having underlay greatly improves the shock absorption properties of your flooring.
This will be beneficial to laminate flooring and carpets in high traffic areas.

Having these properties helps to increase the lifetime of your carpet by up to 25%.
Reduces Energy Costs
We all know that is makes sense to save energy in our homes as much as we can, which includes loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and draft proofing our properties.

It stands to reason that if you have done any of the above, then you should have underlay installed as it has excellent thermal properties, providing tog insulation levels of up to 3.2.
Makes your Carpet Look better & easier to clean
Your underlay will act as a barrier between the ground and your carpet, stopping dust particles from getting through, and keeping your carpet cleaner for longer periods of time.

This stops the grinding process that is created when you vacuum clean a carpet without underlay.

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